Stayin’ Single

Alright folks, that last mash didn’t go so smoothly so I removed it and I’m going to fix it.
In its place I present to you:  Stayin Single  (The Bee Gees vs Beyonce)

Staying Single (Right-click and select Save Target As…or something like that)


Howdy y’all

Alright.  I finally got my own blog for this shit.  I’ll add new mashes as they become available.  Shitty Titties is still available for free online at this site:

I’ve already started work on the new album.  The target release date is November 5th (the same day as Girl Talk performs at Canopy Club…coincidence?)  Until then, here’s the latest mash I’ve done:

Always Needing To Brush Your Shoulders Off (Jay-Z vs The Kooks)