Here are the albums in all of their glory

Right Click the tracks and select “Save As”  or whatever it says to download them.

Links to whole albums in .zip and .rar format can be found by clicking here


Return of the Otter (2011)

01 – Trippy Ass Intro

02 – Dexy’s Raging Reckoners

03 – Back in Bullshit

04 – The Everlasting Episode

05 – Andante in C

06 – Epic and Yellow

07 – Replanes

08 – I Wish My Wand Would Not Love You (Ooh Wee)

09 – A Day In The Life of a Diplomat’s Son

10 – MOPodon





The Second One Cover

The Second One (2009)

01 Lame Intro

02 Get On Snappin In Da Club

03 Viva La Vulva

04 Love To Kiss Kiss

05 This Is Track Number Five

06 Don’t Stop Hanging Up On Me

07 Since You’ve Been Hot ‘n’ Cold

08 Dr Dre’s Loud Pipes

09 Pick Up The Gold

10 Always Needing To Brush Your Shoulders Off

11 Sex On Lockdown




Shitty Titties (2008) dj-otter-cover

01 Drop It Like It’s Cold War Kids

02 Coldplay Fiasco

03 You Only Fly Paper Planes Twice

04 Do You Think I’m Bringing Sexy Back (You Sexy Thing)?

05 TI Fighters (What Foo Know About That)

06 Sing For 99 Problems

07I’m Down With Praising OPP

08 The Kissing Girls Without Appologies Silversunglasses Shimmy

09 Rock Wit It (Seriously)

10 Product of the 80s

11 Break Out The Pogs


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  2. Yo.. i just gotta say, these tracks are killin it son!! Nearly as good as GT or super mash bros in my opinion. Why the fuck aren’t u more popular? .. and where do u go to school?

    • Thanks, man. I don’t know why I’m not more popular. Some sites refuse to host or link to my tracks, so I can’t get the music out to a lot of people. I go to the University of Illinois and I graduate next year, which sucks.

      • I miss the live mix shows in downtown champaign, i’m out in AZ now.

        Keep up the music man.


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