Downloads of “Always Needing to Brush Your Shoulders Off” and “Get On Snappin in the Club” are skyrocketing lately.  Awesome.
Also, “ANTBYSO” made it to the front page of Mashuptown.com. This is actually a big deal for me, being as I’ve been trying to get on there since I made “Drop It Like It’s Cold.”

Speaking of “Drop It Like It’s Cold,” lookie here:

Oh snap!  It’s a musc video!  Within five minutes of being uploaded, Universal Music Group caught it and alerted me that I’m using their “copyrighted material.”  Then they started using words like “lawsuit” and “jail time.”  Geez.

Other than that, I haven’t been doing much on the mashup front.  Homework, lack of motivation, and alcohol have kept me from making new shit.

Hmm.  As I’m writing this I wonder if anyone actually reads this…let me know if you are.  Tell your friends too.

Seacrest out.