So here’s the new album:  Return of the Otter.  A fitting name for the third album in the mashup trilogy.   This album is a little different from the last one being as you can’t really dance to all of it.  Whatever, go download it anyway.  Click “Albums” for the individual tracks or go here for all the tracks in a zip file.


NYE 2011 Release

Hey chodes,

Since I’ll be working most of NYE this year, I’ll let you all do the partying for me.  Here’s a quick mashup for your parties.  If anyone asks “Who made this mashup?”   Just saw Girl Talk.  It’s way easier than saying “That asshole who went to U of I.”
Here it is:  I Gotta Feel Bulletproof Girls

I Gotta Feel Bulletproof Girls (right click and save)

Crappy New Year.

So I finally made another mashup…

And here it is:

B.O.B vs Iyaz




Back in Bullshit

Young Rebellion (Arcade Fire vs The Killers)

Here’s one I figured I’d release.  It’s pretty different than most of my other mashes, being as you probably would not want to dance to it…or maybe you would, so more power to you.

Here it is:

Young Rebellion (Arcade Fire vs The Killers)

Young Rebellion

Miley Cyrus vs DMX

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Here we go:

A simple A + B mash that’s guaranteed to get you drunks dancing shirtless on your friend’s coffee table.

Party In The DMX.

Party In The DMX

(Right click and save, you turkeys)

Doo Wop That Creep

Too tired to write a description…hope you like the song


Radiohead vs Lauryn Hill

Doo Wop That Creep (right mothafuckin click and save)